The Content Management platform to manage communication in an independent way and in compliance with corporate guidelines.

EasyDox is a collaboration platform conceived by PRT to address the customers who need to manage different communication templates while keeping compliance under control in a simple and effective way.

Layout personalizzabile e facile visualizzazione dei dati

Easy to use, and easy-to-edit templates

Our solution allows users to personalize communication templates, by adding or editing data included in the document in real time, in a fast and easy way.

Editing one or more templates is not risky anymore, because it is possible to edit a single element, even once – for example: logo, signature, header, footer, etc. – that will be automatically updated in all the templates containing such element.

Aggiornamenti semplici e in tempo reale

Control of communication compliance

EasyDox is equipped with a comprehensive approval workflow that allows compliance control before sending communication items, in order to guarantee coherence with the brand’s identity at all times.

Our platform offers a centralized repository of templates, providing a simpler and more efficient management of modifications with status updating (draft/production) in real time. It is possible to accurately check when and what changes will become active and, above all, keep the various versions for a possible roll back.

Disponibilità delle informazioni e maggiore accessibilità


EasyDox makes it simple for users to select the communication template, update its content, check via the preview function the correctness of information and formatting and, lastly, to choose the sending channel between paper and digital. As a matter of fact, you can integrate this platform with all communication channels.

Our Content Management solution allows to define users, roles and rights, in order to guarantee a distribution of the work among several people within a company.

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