Customer Communication

Manage communication at 360 degrees

Any company’s mission is to create value by meeting the needs of its customers. Customer Satisfaction is not only about some specific features of products and services, but it is tightly linked to every customer’s experience. During the whole purchasing experience, it is important to generate customized interactions that must be satisfying in every touch point.

That is why we commit ourselves to guarantee the full management of communication, by providing talent, technology and cutting-edge infrastructures to our customers. Such drivers allow us to find the most appropriate solutions according to the specific needs of each customer. Our goal is to provide support in the whole process of customer acquisition, and to build a customized omnichannel strategy, ensuring a unique experience in the several touch points.

Document Composition 2.0

composition 2.0

Ranging from simple actions such as elaborating an address block, to more complex ones, such as creating bank statements, invoices or payment reminders that require the development of high-quality, customized documents. We are able to create, edit and streamline all kinds of business communication, while following our customers’ guidelines in order to meet their needs, with great attention in complying with the rules and specific norms within each business sector.

Omnichannel delivery

We ensure the possibility to send statutory notices and promos via any type of physical and digital channel. Find out more.


A Restricted Area is made available to our customers, where they can monitor the completed deliveries and get information about their outcomes on every delivery channel used. Such Area features a simple and intuitive interface, and it enables users to visualize any type of information about the processing status of deliveries.

La comunicazione non esiste senza il controllo

Consapevoli dell’importanza che riviste l’analisi delle performance per garantire soluzioni di comunicazione efficaci e di qualità, abbiamo sviluppato PRT X, un’esclusiva piattaforma proprietaria, che oltre a consentire il monitoraggio dei canali di comunicazione offerti, permette di gestire e integrare al suo interno qualunque tipologia di dato a disposizione dell’azienda. L’obiettivo è quello di generare informazioni utili per aiutare le aziende a prendere decisioni strategiche data driven.
Tracking delle comunicazioni

There is no communication without control.

We know very well that performance analysis is crucial in order to guarantee effective and high-quality communication solutions. That is why we have developed PRT X, an exclusive proprietary platform that, besides monitoring the offered communication channels, allows to manage and integrate within itself all type of data available to the company. Our goal is to generate useful information to help companies make data-driven strategic decisions.

Rendicontazione dei pagamenti

Reporting of

We provide companies with a service for the reporting of payments; we ensure support and the appropriate tools to manage any possible undelivered messages in an effective and prompt way, including the chance to reach recipients via different communication channels, both physical and digital.

Since 2018, we are a technological partner of PagoPA, the Italian platform that allows you to carry out digital payments with the Public Administration.

Digital archiving and storage in compliance with AgId’s guidelines

The management of a huge number of documents inside companies requires organizing them so that they can be used and consulted in an easy, fast and effective way. PRT ensures a dedicated service for digital storing, while allowing access to paper documents in real time and from any device.

Scanning and archiving with smart data entry

Classification, cataloguing and storage of documents

Security guarantee during consultation

Management of physical and digital Mail Room

More and more companies have to store their documents in compliance with legal norms, with the goal to preserve their integrity and legal validity over time.

Several years ago, PRT became a Digital Storing Company in compliance with AgId’s guidelines (Agency for Digital Italy), and it is also registered with AgId’s Marketplace for storage services. We ensure a reliable organization, skillful personnel, compliant systems, and appropriate protection measures for documents, as well as continuous updates about norms and technologies in order to guarantee a permanent reliability of stored documents.

A further demonstration of our ability in protecting data and information within our company, is the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification, dealing with “Information Security Management System” as well as the ISO 9001 Certification, dealing with “Quality Management System in Corporate Processes”.

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