PRT provides companies and organizations with a tool allowing to use one’s data to the fullest, regardless of their nature.

PRT X is an accessible tool, available anytime and from any device.

Our platform allows to collect data, analyze them and turn them into easily accessible information. All of that enables data interpretation in order to make data-driven decisions and to improve any company’s performance.

Our business intelligence combines several tools, such as: analysis, comparison and graphic visualization of data. So, anyone who holds such data is able to make informed and aware decisions.
Estrazione dei dati

Data extraction

The idea of developing a proprietary Business Intelligence comes from the will to provide customers with a tool enabling them to monitor the progress of communication flows and delivery outcomes on every type of channel used. Full control of the several tools offered, allows you to choose the most effective means of communication, and to avoid the less-performing ones, in order to build the best omnichannel strategy.

Over time, our platform has become more and more powerful, and able to integrate data that are already at our customers’ disposal with other information, thanks to the ability to connect to one or more external data sources. We build customized dashboards in which users can visualize and compare the most interesting data in order to make informed and conscious decisions.

Visualizzazione dei dati

Data visualization

In order to facilitate the use of data, we turn the carried-out analyses into visual representations, such as: graphs, diagrams, histograms and tables.

Here is a platform that allows an intuitive and interactive access to information. Users can easily see, understand and download available data, in order to identify some important features which could be neglected if they are illustrated in a simple spreadsheet.

Benchmarking e Analisi predittive

Benchmarking and predictive analysis

We are able to compare current data with a company’s or an organization’s data in order to measure performance trends over time.

Based on analyzed data history, it is possible to carry out predictive analyses in order to foresee future results, identify new business opportunities and detect any possible problem.

PRT X is the solution that generates information useful to guide a company’s decision-making process towards an increasingly data-driven development of every business.

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