Multimode and inclusive artificial humans

The Artificial Human is a virtual assistant that goes far beyond the concept of Chatbot, as it is able to reproduce the looks, voice and the typically human gestures, and to establish truly empathic relationships with customers.
Its main strong point is the ability to recognize, in an in-depth way, the intentions and mood of users, providing a great improvement in every Customer Experience.

Personalizzazione delle conversazioni

Customization of conversations

The technological features of Digital Humans make their communication mode human and spontaneous. The analysis of facial expressions, gestures and words that identify the interlocutor’s frame of mind, allow to give relevant answers, making the dialogue an empathic interaction.

Artificial Humans may be personalized as of their voice, looks and clothing so that they can represent a company’s values and identity in the best possible way. They are also equipped with AI technologies allowing them to hold conversations in 9 languages.


Advanced virtual assistants are also inclusive: they understand and reproduce sign language, so they can provide their services to deaf users, too. The avatar gets the signs sequence and turns it into speaking language, and takes body moves suitable to convey a certain message.

Apprendimento Continuo (Machine Learning)

Machine Learning

Digital Humans are constantly learning and in an automatic way, improving their performances over time, on the basis of held conversations thanks to Reinforcement Learning. All information that is added, edited and updated in the knowledge base, is an essential source of continuous learning for our conversational platform.

Analisi delle Perfomance

Performance analysis

You can access useful data such as: the number of engaged conversations, degree of responsiveness, most frequent requests, peak time, and much more.

The possibility to customize dialogues and ensure precise answers allow companies to offer an innovative service. At the same time, it is a chance to collect useful information in order to profile users and develop winning strategies.
Personalizzazione delle conversazioni

Omnichannel strategy

Artificial Humans fit perfectly into a company’s omnichannel strategy because they can be integrated within any communication channel, such as: websites, social networks, signage totems, VoIP services, Whatsapp, QR codes, instant messaging apps.

Digital humans and interactive totems

The virtual assistant inside a multimedia totem, placed in an office or a store, is able to detect the presence of people around, and to engage them by inviting them to interact in order to ask for assistance and support. In such a way, it is possible to create a Phygital Experience that will accompany customers all along their shopping experience in the physical store.

Personalizzazione delle conversazioni


This conversational platform is entirely no-code; so, it allows an easy training and a simple maintenance of the system. It is also easy to integrate it with CRM, ERP, booking systems, ticketing systems, Web services, E-commerce tools, Databases. So, it comes easier to retrieve data and customize services depending on the specific characteristics of customers’ companies.


Why is it useful to integrate our Artificial Human into your company?


Our virtual assistant manages your agenda in a totally autonomous way, organizing meetings with your customers. 

Live Chat

Thanks to AI, it is possible to provide a continuous customer care service. 


Artificial Humans answer the phone switchboard; so, they give faster answers and reduce the workload of human operators. This service is available 24/7. 

Mail Assistant

This solution ensures effective and fast answers through email.

Web Surfing

Virtual assistants help surfing a website or an app, leading users to visit the contents they are interested in.

Thanks to their distinguishing features, Digital Humans easily adapt to every business sector, such as: insurance companies, banks, automotive, energy & utilities, e-commerce, public administration, etc.

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