The best way
to manage
your communication

Print and digital solutions to create and manage a unique customer experience.

To get the most out of the relationship with your customers you need not only multichannel and innovative communication, but also a timely analysis of interactions.

PRT offers you all this
and much more.

Thanks to our solutions and platforms you will have the opportunity to discover the ever-changing needs of your customers and which activities are most profitable in terms of efficiency, getting the most out of your business.

  • For a hundred years we have been working to ensure that you can communicate effectively so that you can constantly improve your customer experience.

    We offer you perfect solutions to achieve your goals, from the most traditional print products to the most innovative digital services.

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  • Analysing the market and the new demands of customers is a strategic aspect of communication.

    This is why PRT has set up a working group that monitors and analyses innovations to make them an integral part of its projects.

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  • The evolution of technology keeps pace with renewed market needs.

    Based on this principle, PRT analyses, develops and integrates new tools and platforms that make interaction with your customers increasingly innovative and powerful.

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Business Unit

  • Omnichannel Hub

    Customised printed and digital products. A range of perfect solutions designed to send advertising, commercial and compulsory communications to your customers. All this is backed up by the AGiD digital certification service.
  • Digital Hub

    Interactive and personalised solutions that allow you to build a unique and exclusive customer experience. PRT has developed products to inform, surprise and retain your customers.
  • Central Communication Hub

    PRT offers you a revolutionary platform for complete control of your communications, management of active services and detailed analysis of the customer journey. This will enable you to make your interactions more effective and discover new customer needs.

    We are a highly technological and innovative business, but at the same time we are a real company, made up of men and women who are passionate about their work and who seek perfection and authenticity.

    This authenticity has come a long way: a hundred years of hard work, determination and resilience.

    prt team
    prt team
    prt team
    prt team

    The key to PRT’s success and innovation.

    People at the centre

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