Electronic invoicing and digital storing guarantee transparency and traceability of business operations. They also allow companies to reduce costs and increase their operating efficiency, while documents management becomes simpler, and processing time becomes faster.

Electronic invoicing became a part of everyday life for institutions, companies and consumers since 2019, when it was made compulsory in Italy.

PRT is an authorized player in the management of such important process thanks to its registration with the SDI (the Italian Exchange System), which is the Inland Revenue’s digital platform managing electronic invoicing from the technological side.

We are able to ensure the management of the active and passive cycle of invoices both towards the Public Administration (B2G), private companies and bodies (B2B and B2C), and we make sure that digital storing is compliant with current regulations. 
Gestione del ciclo attivo e passivo

Management of the active and passive cycle

We take care of managing the whole invoicing process, that is, the issue, transmission and reception of electronic invoices in the XLM format through the Exchange System.

Controllo dei processi di fatturazione elettronica

Control of electronic invoicing processes.

We are able to monitor electronic invoicing, managing the outcomes of transmission (in the case of active cycle) and reception (in the case of passive cycle). It is possible to constantly monitor the situation and solve possible malfunctions in a prompt way.

Storing in compliance with AgId

It is compulsory to store electronic invoices for at least 10 years after their latest registration date.

Thanks to the registration with the Agency for Digital Italy (AgId) and the presence on the market place of certified storing companies, PRT guarantees the integrity, authenticity and long-term storing of documents and data in a digital format, and in compliance with all the norms and regulations in force.


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