From physical and static, to digital and interactive.

Smart Document is the ultimate evolution of traditional static documents.

New technologies based on HTML5 and other web development standards allow to create and share smart and flexible documents, able to offer advanced functions that may be customized by users.

Our dynamic documents allow to interact with data in an unprecedented way, providing an engaging and interactive experience.

The use of multimedia elements, such as: videos, audio items and calls to action dramatically increase the degree of engagement and loyalization, and make it easier for users to keep in mind and understand the contents transmitted to them.

Layout personalizzabile e facile visualizzazione dei dati

Customizable layout and easy data visualization

A Smart Document can be entirely customized as of its format, style and content, by following a company’s guidelines and brand identity. You can integrate calls to action, forms to collect information, promotional banners, customized videos and other interaction types that make a Smart Document an important touch point for each customer’s journey map.

All information can be presented in an interactive way and through several formats such as: graphs, diagrams and maps, all allowing a better understanding of the digital document’s contents.

Aggiornamenti semplici e in tempo reale

Easy and real-time updates

Data and information can be created and updated, easily and in real time. In so doing, a company is able to greatly reduce the time required to process documents, improving operational efficiency and allowing employees to focus on their company’s core business. At the same time, users can access new information in real time, and they do not have to wait for the document’s latest version to be released.

Disponibilità delle informazioni e maggiore accessibilità

Availability of information and higher accessibility

It is a responsive document that can be consulted anytime from any device (PC, smartphone and tablet) and it is always available online.

It is also accessible by a wider group of users when compared to a traditional static document. For example, users with disabilities can use screen readers and other assistive technologies to access contents. 
Analisi delle performance

Performance analysis

We provide tools to analyze behaviors and actions taken by users navigating a smart document. Getting feedback is important in order to conceive targeted strategies, as they are necessary to improve communication, raise the engagement degree, and loyalize customers. 


A Smart Document may be integrated with all the communication channels used, both physical and digital. It can be transmitted, for example, via SMS or email, or via the traditional postal service, by generating a QR Code.

Scalabilità e integrabilità

Scalability and integrability

Our solution is scalable and can be integrated with customers’ systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) thanks to APIs that allow to use all of PRT’s innovative technologies within a dynamic document (Videa, multi-mode Artificial Humans, etc.).

In general, a Smart Document provides several advantages: it is more engaging, it improves collaboration and communication, it helps increasing productivity and efficiency, it provides a better data visualization and a better storing of information. Such advantages make interactive digital documents a valuable tool to be used in a wide range of sectors and applications.

Energy and Utilities

Bills and reports on consumption trends.

Financial services

Custom financial reports, fast and accurate.

Banks and Insurance companies

Policies, personalized contracts, bank statements, documents renewal, compensation requests.

Non-Profit Associations

Fundraising campaigns, catalogues and informational brochures.


Custom holiday packages.

Real estate

Purchasing contracts.


Custom evaluation sheets for students and reports on school performance.


Personalized medical reports to monitor patients’ health condition.

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