Direct mailing (DM) and Business Communication are traditional communication systems which prove effective, direct, and come at a moderate price.

Through these services, companies can communicate with their customers or prospect customers by a mass sending of print letters and registered mail, brochures, catalogues or other types of contents typically transmitted via the postal service.

We specialize in printing services and envelope packaging, and we are able to manage any type of compulsory notices and promos as our equipment includes cutting-edge technologies and machines that allow us to handle and ship considerable amounts of items.

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10 M customized sheets are printed and enveloped every day.
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We are operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our high production capacity, together with the chance to ensure further services that are essential for companies, make PRT a leader in the market of DM and Business Communication, with a consolidated experience in sectors such as Automotive, Insurance, Banking, Energy & Utilities.

Servizi di postalizzazione

Mailing and delivery

services to the main postal operators in Italy.
Tracking delle spedizioni

Tracking of shipping

and reporting about implemented deliveries.
Siti di Back up

Backup sites

at an international level.
Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

of data thanks to a redundant data center.
Tecnologia Inkjet

Last-generation inkjet technology

and advanced management of variable data.
Servizio di RHM

RHM (Reverse Hybrid Mail) service

Reception and scanning of return receipts of registered letters sent on behalf of our customers. After carrying out a data entry about the results of a notification, PRT transmits the acquired images to whoever has subscribed to this service.

Moreover, PRT guarantees a consistent commitment towards the environment and sustainability, through the reduction of energy consumption, the use of certified paper (PEFC and FSC), as well as the adoption of the ISO 14001:2015 standard referred to the production cycle of print products.

The world of printing:
between experience and innovation.

PRT foto storica

Over these years we have been investing to purchase several new machines, in developing advanced technologies, and in the study of more and more efficient management systems in order to improve productivity, ensure high-quality standards, and meet the expectations of our customers. At the same time, we have been proving extremely responsive, and able to provide a high customization in the services offered.

We remember very well how we started back in 1921, and despite more than a century has passed by, the printing sector is still crucially important to our business.
PRT Il mondo della stampa
PRT Il mondo della stampa

Our Machinery

Offset printing lines up to 10 colors.
Digital printing lines in black and white and full color. 150 m per minute and resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.
Envelope packaging lines for variable sheets with automatic sequence control.

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