With the adoption of the internet and web technologies, sending information or documents through electronic tools is more and more common.


(Short Message Service)

to send short texts with personal messages or promos, expire notices, or meeting confirmations.


to transmit text messages, images and other types of files through electronic mail. This service offers great flexibility in terms of length and contents of informational messages or promos that can be transmitted. 

(Electronic Certified Mail))

to send official documents, invoices and contracts through electronic mail in a completely safe way, and in full compliance with the law.

Electronic sending offers several advantages:

Velocità di invio e costi ridotti
Faster sending and lower costs
Flessibilità e personalizzazione dei contenuti e delle tempistiche di consegna
Flexibility and customization of contents and delivery times.
Tracking dello stato di avanzamento degli invii effettuati e possibilità di conoscere il livello di engagement generato dalle comunicazioni spedite ai destinatari
Progress tracking of sent items and the possibility to know about the engagement level generated by notices sent to the recipients.
Sicurezza Informatica e protezione dati  garantita da un’infrastruttura innovativa e dalle certificazioni in nostro possesso
Cybersecurity and data protection guaranteed by our innovative infrastructure and our certifications.
We are well aware that digitalization is able to increase competitiveness and generate value. So, we decided to undergo a pathway of Digital Transformation, and alongside the common digital communication services we added innovative solutions able to generate new and exclusive interactions with our customers.

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