For animated, custom and interactive videos.

Videa is PRT’s service allowing to create corporate videos, or to edit existing ones by adding variable data able to generate a tailored and innovative communication type.

It is possible to include elements such as the names of recipients, and add calls to action in order to increase the engagement degree of customers, and to encourage them to carry out some specific actions. Through an analysis of the main KPIs, you can also measure how effective your video campaigns are.
Semplicità e convenienza

Simplicity and affordability

Making custom videos, even complex ones, that may include customers’ data, is simple and fast. Costs depend only on the number of views obtained by each video.

Analisi delle performance

Performance analysis

Our solution reports the analytics about behaviors and actions carried out by the video’s intended audience. Such information is useful to create a kind of communication able to involve users and capture their attention.

Scalabilità e integrabilità

Scalability and Integrability

The platform can be used in different ways. For example, it can be integrated with DEM sending systems, with Platforms as-a-service and, lastly, with APIs and data interconnexion and transfer protocols, to allow integration in websites and third-party applications, such as CRM and ERP.

Smart Document  improves every step along a Customer Journey



VIDEA can generate awareness about the products and services offered by companies.

Promotional videos
: to promote a specific product or service. These videos can be created by adapting the message, tone and graphics, to the specific needs of the target audience.

Educational videos: to educate customers about a company’s products and services and their added value. These videos can be customized according to the users’ knowledge degree about a specific topic, with more advanced contents for expert users, and basic contents for less experienced users.

Video testimonials: to share positive experiences and testimonies by satisfied customers.



VIDEA can stimulate conversions, leading to the acquisition of new customers.

Presentation videos: to present a company, brand or product/service in an involving and appealing way.

Demo videos: to show prospect customers how a company’s products or services work. They can be customized by adding messages and functions that can be significant to the target public.

Case study videos
: to show prospect customers how other users obtained good results when using a company’s products or services.

Special offers videos
: to promote special offers, discounts or bargains in order to engage new customers.



VIDEA can trigger involving and effective experiences for new customers, aimed at increasing their trust towards a company.

Welcome videos: to welcome a company’s new customers.

Tutorial videos: to guide new users in discovering the functions of a purchased product or service. In so doing, new customers can quickly learn how to use it.

Follow-up videos: to follow new users after their first use, by offering them useful suggestions and solutions to common problems.

Cross Selling

Cross Selling

VIDEA can promote products or services in addition to those already purchased by customers.

Recommendation videos: to suggest more products or services, depending on those already purchased by customers.

Complementary products videos: to promote products or services that match with those already purchased by a customer. Such videos can be customized depending on each customer’s shopping data.

Special offers videos: to promote special offers and discounts on products or services complementary to those already purchased by customers.



VIDEA can retain already acquired customers and lead them to more shopping

Thank-you videos: to thank customers and show them the company’s gratitude. They can be customized by indicating the customer’s name, the purchased products, and by adding a personalized message.

Product-update videos: to inform customers about possible updates or news regarding the purchased products or services.

Special offers videos: to offer exclusive special offers and discounts to customers, in order to convince them to make more purchases.

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