A single platform for your email and SMS Marketing campaigns

Digita allows to automate and simplify the creation, sending and monitoring of marketing campaigns on different digital channels. It also allows to build and manage Landing Pages.

Our solution is the ideal one to inform about a company’s products or services, attract new users, increase sales and, lastly, loyalize customers.

Facilità di utilizzo e personalizzazione dei messaggi

Easy to use, and able to customize messages

Digita features an intuitive interface that guide users in creating SMS and email campaigns in just a few clicks.

You can customize communication depending on contents, addresses and the desired goals; for example, you can build email templates and landing pages characterized by an appealing design.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

It is possible to create automated workflows of SMS and emails when certain specific conditions occur. In so doing, you can reach your addressees in the ideal moment during their Customer Journey via tailored messages that are also significant and effective.

Analisi delle performance e reportistica completa

Performance analysis and full reports

Our platform allows to verify the progress of ongoing campaigns and to improve your communication strategy thanks to the support provided by data. Detailed reports, analyses of openings, clicks, information on delivery failures, are all available in order to improve the effectiveness of communication and to protect the brand’s reputation.
Scalabilità ed integrabilità

Scalability and Integrability

Thanks to a wide library of APIs, webhooks, synchronizing tools and communication protocols, it is always possible to connect third-party applications (CRM, CRM, ERP, CMS, CPaaS, etc.) and external databases to Digita, in a fast and safe way. 

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Digita is the ideal service to manage the sending of SMS on your own, and really fast.

Global coverage and high reliability.

Redundance and service continuity.

Direct connections to mobile operators all over the world.

Web and API platforms supporting every type of encoding and language.

Awareness of regulations and restrictions in force in every country.

Mail Marketing

Mail Marketing

Digita is the ideal platform to build effective email marketing campaigns that feature a professional design, in line with the latest trends.

Safe data management and GDPR compliance.

Team operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

Wide gallery of templates, ready to use for several product sectors (Editor drag & drop).

Anti-spam control tools in order to ensure high-quality sending, through Spam Assassin.

Automatic responsive design for an optimal view of communication items from any device and any email client.


Our platform is equipped with a cutting-edge technological infrastructure in ongoing development, allowing to add new messaging channels, as well as more and more advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Also, our know-how is at your disposal and you can get counselling about features regarding marketing, design and privacy.

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